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Thank you for helping make our $2M matching campaign a success!

Dozens of volunteers and weeks of planning all brought together in perfect sync during TorahAnytime’s 30-hour live event and $2M matching campaign Dec. 25-26. Over 250,000 people from around the world watched online and enjoyed the Motsei Shabbat live event and the all day Sunday Torah-thon, which was hosted by R’ Gavriel Friedman and R’ Yossi Bensoussan.

Many special guests were invited to share their views on the impact TorahAnytime has in the world and in their lives. Guest Rabbis include R’ David Ozeiry, R’ Paysach Krohn, R’ Moshe Tuvia Lieff along with many others. It was a weekend of inspiration and unity with over 9,300 donors participating and many others spreading the word. Now it’s time to spread more Torah than ever before. Stay tuned for exciting projects over the horizon.

4 Replies to “Thank you for helping make our $2M matching campaign a success!”

  1. I want to thank you sincerely for my daily dose of Torah Anytime. It is a real source of comfort, inspiration and the opportunity to identify with my faith. It’s making a huge difference in my everyday life and my connection with G-d.

    Thank you TA and be blessed.

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