TAT Talk #7

From the New TorahAnytime Mobile App Launch to the 30-Hour Live Fundraising Event to the New Daily Dose App, lots has happened here at TorahAnytime since our last TAT Talk. 

In just about 5 months, thanks to users and subscribers like you, The TorahAnytime app received  over 45,000 downloads and over 4,500 5-star reviews. The new app is a complete game changer, and the new features are sure to make your learning experience beyond better! You can find it in the Android Google Play Store or Apple App Store and discover a whole new world for learning right there for you.

And we can’t forget the 30-Hour Live Event that took place on Dec. 25-26, 2021. With almost 250 team leaders and 10,000 donors, it was a day that launched TorahAnytime into position to make your learning experience better than ever and spread Torah in ways around the world that are unprecedented, and it’s thanks to you. You can watch Part 1 (Sat. Night) and Part 2 (Sunday) of the Event on TorahAnytime.

And … exciting as the event was, just two days after the Campaign, on Dec. 28, 2021, we completed the purchase of the building for the TorahAnytime Worldwide Headquarters and Hi-tech Studios. We view this as our building, because that’s what it is – a partnership between you and us.

More great news … in April 2019, we launched the TorahAnytime Daily Dose WhatsApp broadcast, but there was never one single location where you could access all previous Doses. Now you can! Introducing the TorahAnytime Daily Dose Mobile App! You can download it now for Android Google Play Store and Apple App Store. A one-stop place where you can find all 1,100+ Doses you love. get ready for an inspiration overload.

And in this light, knowing that all of TorahAnytime’s services are free, there’s a great and easy way you can be a part of supporting and spreading Torah … and it costs nothing. TorahAnytime greatly benefits from you simply viewing advertisements that we send via emails, statuses and broadcasts. By simply opening them, you greatly increase the value we can bring to future advertisers and are able to continue to get more funding from them, which in turn, can help keep everything on TorahAnytime free for users and viewers like yourselves. Simply stay subscribed, open those messages and be a great help to TorahAnytime and Jews around the world!

An exclusive opportunity is also available to you – be the fortunate individual to dedicate the new TorahAnytime Headquarters and Studio and create a legacy for you and your family forever by having the name on the building. All the Torah and inspirational works that emanate from there will be because of you and the loved one it is dedicated to. It’s a legacy that will impact millions of Jews for years and years in every continent across the globe.

If you’re interested in being a part of any of the above, please reach out to [email protected] … you’re a part of the biggest yeshiva in the world.. without walls, and we’re excited to accomplish great things together with you!

Leave a comment below and let us know what you’re excited about most and what you would like us to mention on our next TAT Talk.

Until next time … keep on learning and keep on enjoying TorahAnytime.

14 Replies to “TAT Talk #7”

  1. TAT is an invaluable resource ! I as a Rov love listening to other rabanim (especially Rabbi Fuerst). I myself am one of the maggidei shiurim and I find the tremendous potporri of speakers a wonderful gift to Klal Yisroel and myself. Hashem should bless you always!

  2. TorahAnytime has been a life changer. My wife and I listen to a shuiir every morning with our Coffee. I can not count the number times that I was so inspired by a Shuir that I had to to text or email it to my Chavarim. Thank you

    1. We are in the middle of developing the new TorahAnytime site. We hope to have something in the middle of the year.

  3. I wanted to know if you have an approximate idea when do you plan on enhancing the Torah anytime phone line. Thanks for all that you do for klal yisroel

    1. We are in the middle of enhacing the phone hotline. Might take 1-2 months. Maybe sooner if we daven hard enough.

  4. Hi guys, the app is just super fantastic.
    I’d like to suggest a small yet important improvement.
    When searching for a shiur in a specific daf in a specific masechta, it’s quite difficult, the masechtos and dafim should be on a search menu, the same for mishnayos too
    This would be a total game changer
    Many thanks again
    Good Shabbos

    1. We are actually in the middle of completely reorganizing the Daf Yomi Section to make it more easily searchable. Look out for that soon.

  5. We need to have a way to make a personal playlist. If we want to review a certain shiur we need an easy way to access those.

    1. You can actually make personal playlists by going to a class and clicking on the 3 dots and adding to playlist.

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