Own a piece of the 12 Million Hours of Torah we spread

The Torah is Hours, FOREVER!

Over the last year, TorahAnytime has accumulated over 12,000,000 hours of Torah learning. 

No, that is not a misprint.

12 MILLION hours

With so many classes given by so many world renowned teachers, on so many platforms all under the umbrella of TorahAnytime, it truly has become your one-stop destination for infusing Torah into your life. 

The vast reach and global impact of TorahAnytime can be seen blatantly in its over 1 Million users across its many platforms including:

  • TorahAnytime Website
  • TorahAnytime Mobile App
  • TorahAnytime Print Publications
  • TorahAnytime Hotline
  • TorahAnytime Daily Dose
  • TorahAnytime Roku Channel (recently launched) 
  • ChesedAnytime, and much much more yet to come!
  • RebbeAnytime (coming soon)
  • JewishAnytime (coming soon)

While 12,000,000 hours is incredible, TorahAnytime has not even begun to touch the surface of its incredible potential, and that’s where YOU COME IN!

Every year, TorahAnytime hosts an annual fundraising event to help cover their enormous annual budget and fuel their rapid growth.

Well, this year, they are taking things up a notch.

Imagine if you, yes, you, could be personally responsible for a number of hours of Torah learning across the entire world?

The formula for simple:

There are 12 million hours of Torah, divided by a $3 million fundraising goal. That means that a meager $0.25. can sponsor an entire hour of Torah learning.

That means $100 equates to 400 hours of Torah learning.

That means $10,000 equates to 40,000 hours of Torah learning

Imagine the impact!

No matter the reason:

In memory of a loved one,

In celebration of a birthday,

In honor of a friend/family member,

In the Zchus of Limud Hatorah, each and every one of us has the incredible opportunity to fill the world with Torah. 

Communities and Shuls can take larger goals in the tens of thousands of hours to uplift their entire community!

Right now, 12,000,000 Hours of Torah learning will be available to own. 

How many will you make YOURS, FOREVER?!

Learn more, and create your team page at 


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