TAT Talk #6

The New TorahAnytime Mobile App is Finally Here!! Watch as we go through some exciting news and features. Download the iPhone and Android App now. Now there’s six ways to access the TAT Daily Dose video clips. Don’t just watch them, share them with everyone you know. What better way to go into Rosh Hashanah then to be a part of spreading over 10 million hours of Torah learning a year… and growing! Donate Now

6 Replies to “TAT Talk #6”

  1. Could you make it possible to download/move the app or even more so the shiurim to the sd card? I’m constantly struggling with the space availible b/c there is no chance to move the shiurim – even on a file by file basis – from internal memory to the sd card. TIA and a gut woch!
    PS: using different Android phones, 2 of them Samsung w/ Android 6.xx, the other a Doro8040 w/ Android 7.0

  2. Hi im really excited about the new upgrade but I downloaded the app a year ago and nothing is changing now. do I need to download it again? Where is the speed control on the screen? And the option of Playlist and all the other things?

    1. Hi. You are probably using the old App. Uninstall it and go to the App store and download the new TorahAnytime App. There should only be one App in the store. Enjoy!

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