Order Updates for the New R’ Wallerstein Book

Here’s an update regarding the New Rabbi Zechariah Wallerstein ZTL book It’s All About Change. We started pre-orders a little over a month ago and Baruch Hashem many people are excited and anticipating the inspiration from this one of a kind R’ Wallerstein book.

After the sudden unfortunate passing of our beloved Rabbi, we revisited a manuscript we had been working on for over a year which contained about 250 pages filled with stories and insights from Rabbi Wallerstein and figured there’s no better time than now to start getting things in motion to begin production. We then realized we have so much more amazing life-changing content that we just couldn’t leave out, so we have added over 100 more pages filled with dozens more stories and dvrei Torah. We are currently going through it to make sure all is good to go, then we can begin printing, production and shipment. We appreciate your patience in this book publication process. We hope to close up publication and pre-orders in the coming weeks and can B’ezrat Hashem start the printing and shipping process. We will communicate with you throughout.

That being said, although people will ultimately have the opportunity to purchase this book in bookstores around the world once it’s shipped, the only place to get the pre-order discount and multi-book discounts is on https://www.TorahAnytime.com/book.

You still have some time to order more books for yourselves, friends and family. No matter how many books you’ve ordered so far, we can still honor the 5 or 10 book discounts. Just reply to this email if interested and we will send you a custom discount code. In addition, if you or someone you know would like to grab the zchus and sponsor 25, 50, 100 or more books for your community, shul, a special event or for us to give out for free on your behalf, we have discounts for that as well. Our goal is to get this book into as many hands as possible and to inspire people and continue Rabbi Wallerstein’s legacy.

Lastly, we have limited chapter sponsorships and a book cover sponsorship available. Due to some requests, we now have an option to split up the sponsorship in 4 monthly donations. Simply email [email protected] if interested or if you have any questions.

All proceeds of this book will go towards TorahAnytime and Ohr Naava programs so Ma’aser money can be used.

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