Inside ArtScroll Episode 18: How Did Two Public School Kids Start the Largest Torah Website?

The newest episode of Inside ArtScroll features an interview with brothers Shimon Kolyakov and Rubin Kolyakov, founders of, the world’s largest Torah website. In this interview, we are given an inside look at how, in 2006, Shimon and Rubin, both of the Queens, NY Bukharian community, started TorahAnytime in order to give people the ability to experience Torah classes wherever they were, whenever they wanted. Today, TorahAnytime is the largest library of originally recorded Torah videos in the world, with 120,000+ Torah videos from more than 1,000 different speakers. Shimon and Rubin’s history is fascinating, and the details of how these two unlikely Torah ambassadors came to be involved in the largest online Torah dissemination effort are captivating. Sit back and enjoy!

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